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The Importance of Using a Crate
 by: Mary Reid
You have just brought home your precious new puppy. There is no more pressing task for you than to see to it that your puppy eliminates where you feel he needs to. Puppies should always have a designated area to eliminate. As a matter of fact, most puppies who have not been trained correctly in elimination are usually abandoned in the first year because their owners cannot put up with the constant mess.

There are natural instincts in dogs which make house training a fairly simple process. Puppies that are taught the process of elimination correctly tend to keep their "den areas" clean. This is why crate training is so vital in training the new pup.When dogs eliminate they leave scent chemicals called pheromones in their waste. When dogs smell this scent it causes a reflex to eliminate in the same spot.

Some people think crate training is barbaric, however, dogs are den animals. They feel most secure in a den enclosure. This is why a lot of dogs will lie under the table or beds. By using a crate, you are providing your dog with his own safe den and they will try hard to keep it clean. A puppy should not be left in the crate for longer than 3 hours. Anymore time and he will not be able to hold himself. This also creates a regular schedule for elimination.

There are other benefits to using a crate too. Crates are great for transporting your puppy by car. They help to keep him safe from sudden stops and swerves. Crates prevent young pups from getting into too much mischief! We all know how it feels to find the little one chewing on our favorite shoes or coffee table legs. Crates are great to house your pup when staying at hotels or friends homes.

There will always be times when you can have your eye on your pup. Having a crate helps greatly in these situations and provides your puppy with a spot that he will always be comfortable and safe. Find a good pet supply company that offers a variety of crates in different shapes and sizes and be sure to match the crate to the dog, (size).

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