Sawsi (xzcryingveinszx) wrote in bloodyparts,

Well I need help with something and I hope each one of u well help me!
Everyone knows that the International Self-Injury Awareness Day is on March the first, im doing something for skool in that day, I made ribbons and all!
I was thinking of putting some quotes on it, Its gonna be like who us cutter r been treated, it could be about a doctor!
Like something like this, I cut one day but my cuts didn’t heal very well so I had to go to a doctor and he screamed at me and told me that what im doing is so uncool and wrong!
U know something like that, it seems everyone is complaining about doctors but I want something else than that, how its like u know….I hope u guys would help me in here, this thing is going to be finished this Thursday so I hope u can give me some stuff very fast.
Oh yeah if anyone can also suggest some proper pictures to go with that day or any new ideas that can help, we would be gladly appreciated!
You can email me at
Thank you…
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