Sawsi (xzcryingveinszx) wrote in bloodyparts,

how can i stop if i keep thnking of suicide!?

Here I go again
Throwing u with painful words
Painful words that soon will kills ur heart
Im sorry
But guilt doesnt help ur sour heart
I dont get it
Everything that I do is wrong
No matter what I say to make u feel better It just comes out wrong
I love u
Dont u see that
But I keep on hurting u
Killing u inside
Tearing u up
Believe me when I say
That my heart tears up too
Knowing that ur tears r falling coz of me..
Knowing that ur in pain coz of me
Knowing that no matter how I try..i end up doing the wrong thing
I put u down
Im sorry
I dont get it
U say that u love me
But how can u..if everything that I do is a mistake
U say that u love me..
But other times u
U say that u hate me..
All I know that
If I was gone..
I wont cause u pain
U wont have what u call a problem to take care of
And u wont cry..
And I wont have to see u crying anymore
I ruined ur life
i ruined everybodys lives
I feel that my life is a waste of time
No good comes out of it
But I keep going
Everyday..diffrent feelings
It all makes me wana die
Coz all I want right now is
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